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In Cosmotron, Skank shows the maturation that the band had during these 10+ years of career. They are not more anymore guys that made only reggae-dancing songs and perfomed in shows wearing soccer's uniforms. Since "Siderado" they were changing, and most or that changes was for the best. This applies to "Cosmotron", an album with influences of the English rock, especially Beatles. "Dois Rios", their first and biggest hit, received 4 MTV awards for its clip, including "Best Clip of the Year" and "Pop Music Choice of the Audiance", beating even the all-grand-trio Tribalistas. No doubts that that song is the biggest hit of the year in Brazil. "Vou Deixar," "Formato Minimo," "Sambatron" and "Cosmotron" are also very good, excellent songs to hear, apart that all the CD is well-made, with songs that have both good lyrics and words. --an Amazon reviewer

MTV Ao Vivo: Ouro Preto

MTV Ao Vivo: Ouro Preto

Skank is one of the most popular pop bands of Brazil mixing together reggae and latin ska, and this CD of the LIVE in Ouro Preto presents 16 best big hits of the band more a previously unreleased song, "Acima do Sol." --an Amazon reviewer


If you're looking for more of the same great happy pop from Skank, turn away now. This new sound is more acoustic, more grunge, more folk-rock than the previous danceable reggae-tinged pop that caught my attention. While the sound is a departure from the other albums, it is still a likeable sound. It doesn't excite or motivate unexpected dancing fits like the older stuff, but it makes good background music. --an Amazon reviewer

guest appearances by Daude and Uakti

This disc features a rich blend of world music with heavy percussion and robust vocals worked into some rock riffs. This is party music, full of dance grooves to shake your booty to. Of all the tracks, the one that really stands out is "Mandrake E Os Cubanos" that features a hard syncopated beat, blaring horns intermingled with rock guitar licks as the vocals and chorus thunders forth to make you have to shake your head in time to the music. For the most part the tracks featured on this disc are of the upbeat dance variety but there are a few that don't fit the pattern. "Reposta" is one such song that is soft and elegant in the Gilberto sort of way. It is a ballad to change the at times torrid pace of this disc. Another slowed down ballad type song is "No Meio Do Mar" that features gentle singing and chorus with guitar and horn solos that are underplayed. "Os Homens Das Cavernas" has a frenzied ska beat that sizzles; again this is one of those infectious songs that gets you into the groove. There is one Spanish track entitled "Respuesta" that is an interesting addition; with it's Portuguese accent the ballad has an earthy quality. --an Amazon reviewer

O Samba Pacone
limited availability

This album rocks. I didn't think that they could outdo themselves from Calango but they did. This is the perfect mix of reggae, ska and the Brasilian mix. --an Amazon reviewer

limited availability

Living in Brazil, there was a song I kept hearing on the radio, and just HAD to have it. I hunted it down and sure enough it was "Pacato Cidadao," the last song on this CD. This album is fantastic--witty, both lyrically and musically. Both "E Proibido Fumar," where he sings about how he has trouble kissing girlfriends in no smoking areas, because of how hot it gets, and "A Cerca," an argument two neighbors have over a fence that gets REALLY personal, are hilarious. And the music is infectious, with definite ska, reggae, and alternative influence. Great stuff! --an Amazon reviewer


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