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Seu Jorge CDs & DVDs
Samba & Funk Singer-Songwriter from São Gonçalo

Seu Jorge - Live at Montreux 2005

The former lead vocalist Of Farofa Carioca hails from the
Sao Goncalo neighborhood near Niteroi, across the bay
from Rio de Janeiro. He has a successful solo career and
also acted in both "City Of God" and "The Life Aquatic"

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Seu Jorge - Live at Montreux 2005

Seu Jorge - Live at Montreux 2005 (DVD)

Ana & Jorge

Ana & Jorge Ao Vivo (CD)
Seu Jorge and Ana Carolina
in a live peformance in Sao Paulo


Cru (CD)

Seu Jorge is a voice straight out of the favelas, Rio de Janeiro's notoriously violent slums where grinding poverty and desperation exist side-by-side with a musical hotbed. Once a homeless street child, he broke into the big time in the 2002 film, City Of God, an unsparingly frank look at life and death in the old neighborhood. Then he was prominently featured on the soundtrack to director Wes Anderson's comedy The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, where he put a whole new spin on vintage David Bowie songs. On Cru (Raw), Jorge is in his element, alternately growling or crooning amid acoustic guitars, harp-like cavaquihnos and shrieking, whining cuicas (friction percussion played with an oil-soaked rag). He remains confrontational, whether delivering a political rant (Eu Sou Favela), expressing disgust over the ubiquity of grotesquely huge breast implants (Mania De Peitão), or applying hip-hop to carnival percussion (Bem Querer). The set is rounded out with covers of Don't, a Lieber and Stoller tune that was a hit for Elvis Presley, and Chatterton, from the lethal pen of the late French singer-composer-agent provocateur Serge Gainsbourg. --Christina Roden

The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions

The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions (CD)

While The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou movie got mixed reviews, the soundtrack was universally hailed as excellent. The standout was Jorge, who not only had a role as an actor but also played a handful of Bowie songs solo with acoustic guitar, singing them in Portuguese ­ it was a perfect combination of beautiful songs laid bare with a bit of exotic Brazilian spice to add fresh flavor. This collection features the whole of that Bowie session, which means Jorge's six songs from the soundtrack, seven other Bowie tunes and one playful Jorge original entitled "Team Zissou." Even though 2005 saw the release of his domestic debut Cru (which mostly featured his own songs and a band), Jorge found himself touring the U.S. in front of large crowds of 20-somethings who patiently waited for those Bowie songs. This album obviously gives the people what they want, and the good news is that the other versions are just as good as the ones that are on the original soundtrack. ­ --Tad Hendrickson


Carolina (CD)
co-produced by Mario Caldato

Debut Album from the Samba Funk's newcomer, Seu Jorge. 'Carolina' has been named Album of the Year in Brazil for 2002. Co-produced with Mario Caldato Producer of Hip-hop groups like the Beastie Boys and Brazilian Band Planet Hemp. Seu Jorge is one of the many artists featured in the wonderful compilation 'Favela Chic.' --album description

This is a great album by a very talented man. I found out about this album after seeing the movie that Seu Jorge starred in City Of God (where he played "Man? Galinha" aka "Handsome Ned"). After seeing the movie I bought the soundtrack which he sung the title song to ("Convite Para Vida"). I was so impressed that I thought I would give his album a try and it was well worth it! All his songs are funky and upbeat and very reminiscent of the funk/soul inspired sound of the 70's, with of course a modern twist to it. All the meanwhile he still stays true to his samba roots and is very proud to be Brazilian and showcases this well in his music. The title song "Carolina" is truly addictive! I can't stop playing it. --an Amazon reviewer

Samba Esporte Fino (CD)

Seu Jorge Is Also In:

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (CD)
Seu Jorge performs 5 David Bowie songs

Moro No Brasil

Farofa Carioca
Moro No Brasil (CD)


Favela Chic Postonove

Favela Chic Postonove (CD)
compilation: various artists

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