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Chico Science & Nacao Zumbi
Mangue Beat from Brazil


Nacao Zumbi

Brazilian Music
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Nacao Zumbi

Nacao Zumbi

Radio S.Amb.A

Nacao Zumbi hails from the Northeastern state of Brazil, Recife. Led by musical rebel Chico Science, the band challenged the standard definition of Brazilian music with a radical mix of Nordestina forms such as Maracatu and Baiao and "foreign" styles like punk rock, heavy metal, dub, funk, drum-and-bass and hip-hop. Their fans called this eclectic brew Mangue Beat (Portuguese for mangrove). In 1997 Chico was killed in a car accident. It has taken three years but Nacao Zumbi is back with a new album, Radio S.amb.a. On this recording, they take on the most Brazilian musical form, Samba. This recording kicks off with the percussion driven first track, Do Mote Do Doutor Charles Zambohead /Azouque, which prepares the listener for the delights to come. They keep the intensity up on Arrancando As Tripas (ripping the guts out) by doing just what the title implies: tearing the guts out of this progressive samba workout. All through the album you hear their Brazilian roots as well as the influences of their American musical heroes, which makes for a very unadulterated mix. This is a great comeback from a very original band whose leader is missed, but who do not miss a step in this Brazilian party of groovy sounds for the mind as well as the feet. Listen to it and enjoy one of the funkiest hard rock bands in the world today! --an Amazon reviewer

Chico Science &
Nação Zumbi


Chico Science & Nacao Zumbi (Maxximum series)
retrospective album with 18 tracks

Chico Science & Nacao Zumbi: Grandes Sucessos
retrospective album


Chico Science and his top-notch band, aided by the expert production of BID, brings something entirely new out of the pretty much stagnant brazilian music scene. Exquisite percussion, the rich rhythmic heritage of the brazilian northeast, all mixed with contemporary influences that makes this music widely universal and modern. Chico's death was a terrible loss for brazilian music, but thanks to his efforts, his comrades are keeping the Recife scene alive and kicking. Do yourself a favour and don't let this important evolutionary step in brazilian music out of your CD collection. --an Amazon reviewer

Da Lama Ao Caos

This is CSNZ's first album, after years on the road defining a unique musical personality, which mixtures hip-hop, hardcore guitars and strong drumbeats. It also helped support a cultural movement, which gained ground in the 90's throughout Brazil, giving room for bands such as "Mundo Livre SA", "Cascabulho", and others. This album was independently launched in Brazil, until it became much of an alternative success to be ignored by the big record companies. CSNZ's second album - Afrociberdelia - leads to a more hardcore and electronic music. Both are great records, with amazing rhythms. The road was already paved when Chico Science died in a car accident, before they could get the international recognition they deserved. Too bad for the rest of us. --an Amazon reviewer

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