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Tim Maia

O Melhor De Tim Maia (Best Of)

Although he was very popular and had a successful career in Brasil, unfortunately Tim Maia never had quite the crossover success that other Brazilian artists, such as Antonio Carlos Jobim (Tom Jobim), Astrud Gilberto, and others had abroad. However this does not reflect on his level of talent. He is truly one of Brasil's greatest Soul gems of the 70's. Tim Maia began his singing career in the United States in the early 60's, where he learned English and studied American Soul/R&B music. Upon returning to Brasil he incorporated all the soulful elements of American R&B music into his own work. The result: A creative blend of R&B-Soul-Funk-Disco-Samba. Hearing this album you will be able to hear all the influences of great American Soul/R&B artists from the 60's & 70's, such as James Brown, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Commodres, and Kool & The Gang....Just to name a few. Tim Maia also has a warm voice that is guaranteed to lift your spirits! --an Amazon reviewer

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Tim Maia Ao Vivo (Live)

Tim Maia (Millenium Series)
best-of album with 20 tracks

Velhos Camaradas
with Cassiano and Hyldon

Pro Meu Grande Amor

Tim Maia Interpreta Classicos Da Bossa Nova

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