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Teresa Cristina

Canta Paulinho Da Viola

Teresa Cristina & Grupo Semente:
A Musica De P
aulinho Da Viola

This is such a nice album, made with so much respect and 'humilde' for Paulinho's compositions, that it's hard to complain about anything. It's just great to have all these compositions recorded all together; it's a fantastic compendium of all of the beautiful sambas which Paulinho has written over forty years. Teresa Cristina sings well and honestly, and her love and care for the music shines through. No, she's not Paulinho, but it's also nice to hear her ideas about the music. The box set is also nice, because it gives us lyrics for all of Paulinho's music - missing from most of the early albums. The choro accompaniment is just right and well played; nice also to have Paulinho participate himself.

Canta Paulinho Da Viola V.1

A Musica De Paulinho Da Viola V.1
limited availability

Canta Paulinho Da Viola V.2

A Musica De Paulinho Da Viola V.2
limited availability


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