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Rosalia De Souza

Brasil Precisa Balancar (Dig)

Brasil Precisa Balancar

Brazilian Music
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Garota Moderna

The irresistible combination of smoky bossa nova textures and velvety electronic beats has already been successfully mined by Brazilian divas such as Bebel Gilberto and Cibelle. But in the hands of Italian DJ Nicola Conte, the electro-bossa recipe continues to surprise with its wide-eyed innocence, lounge undertones and instantly hummable melodies. Conte has an ear for the melancholy feeling of pop culture nostalgia associated with the 1960s-- the Antonio Carlos Jobim records, the Michel Legrand soundtracks, the Stan Getz sessions. Rosalia De Souza's sweet vocals and tender delivery are ideal for the task of resurrecting venerable samba nuggets such as Baden Powell's and Vinicius de Moraes' exuberant "Canto De Ossanha" and Caetano Veloso's wistful "Saudosismo." Equally intriguing are the handful of original tunes by Conte and De Souza--a seamless recreation of the summery vibe and enviable lightness of touch that lies at the essence of the bossa aesthetic. --Ernesto Lechner

Garota Diferente: The Remix Album

A True Treat: Rosalia De Souza and Producer Nicola Conte Offer 11 Different Takes on the Songs from De Souza's Critically Acclaimed Debut Album "Garota Moderna" ("Modern Girl"). Hers is the Sultry Voice that Evokes Memories of the Best Brazilian Vocalists of the 1960's and their Total Passion for their Craft and De Souza Joined their Ranks with the Stunning Premiere Volume of her Discography. With this Disc, We Are Presented with Remixes of Those Songs that Offer an Entirely New Dimension to this Now Classic Album. The Reconstructions Are Accomplished by the Likes of Zero Db, Stateless, Big Bang, Buscemi, Dining Rooms, Raw Deal, the Truby Trio, Povo and More. Each is Well Known in the Chillout Community of Remixers and They have Each Performed an Invaluable Service to Music Lovers Everywhere. --album description

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