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Paulinho Da Viola

Meu Tempo ╔ Hoje

Brazilian Music
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One of Brazil's Preeminent Samba Composers
Long Associated with the Portela samba school

Eu Sou O Samba

Eu Sou O Samba [ENHANCED]

Compilation of Greatest Hits. Samba. "Foi Um Rio Que Passou Em Minha Vida, "Filosofia Do Samba", Moema Morenou", "o Meu Pecado", "Chico Brito."

Meu Tempo ╔ Hoje

Meu Tempo ╔ Hoje

Original Soundtrack of the Movie About Paulinho Himself. A Sweet, Gentle Samba Singer, Paulinho Da Viola is Known as a Samba Purist, Adhering Strictly to the Old Acoustic Style and is Particularly Revered as a Revivalist of the Instrumental "Choro" Style. Although He was of the Same Generation of the Rock-oriented Tropicalistas and the Swanker, Slicker Post-bossa Nova Mpb Crowd, Da Viola Delved Into the More Antiquated Style of the Traditional Samba Cancao and the Sambas De Morro, Sung by the Urban Poor of Brazil's Sprawling Slums. He Only Gets Better as Time Goes on and this Initial Outing for Biscoito Fino after Years on EMI Allows Him the Freedom to Stretch his Artistry to Greater Bounds, Still Innovating and Creating Beautiful Music after all These Years.

Bebadachama: Serie Ao Vivo

Bebadachama: Serie Ao Vivo
live album with 27 tracks

Da Costa Performs all his Greatest Hits Live in Concert. He Sings his Own Compositions as Well as Songs by Paulo Da Portela, Ze Ketti, Nelson Cavaquinho, Lupicinio Rodrigues, Cartola, Pixinguinha, Noel Rosa, Aldir Blanc, Dorial Caymmi, and Ataulfo Alves.


Other Artists Perform Songs by Paulinho Da Viola

Sinal Aberto: Serie Ao Vivo

Sinal Aberto: Serie Ao Vivo
Toquinho & Paulinho da Viola, on 2 CDs

For Paulinho/samba lovers: for me the great tracks on this double album are Tempos Idos, a forgotten but very beautiful Cartola tune; Dama de Espadas; Cantando; and other classics. For Toquinho lovers, there are a number of good bossa classics, including a few he wrote with Vinicius, like Tarde em Itapoa.

But the most fun is hearing how these two guys perform in each other's worlds. It's a rare treat to hear Paulinho singing bossa nova and to hear Toquinho comping in choro. The music is beautiful, intimate, and 'amicavel'. Who would have guessed? Also, side benefit - for choro lovers, there is a great Toquinho performance of Abismo das Rosas and a nice Paulinho performance of his composition Choro Negro.

Canta Paulinho Da Viola

Teresa Cristina & Grupo Semente:
A Musica De P
aulinho Da Viola

This is such a nice album, made with so much respect and 'humilde' for Paulinho's compositions, that it's hard to complain about anything. It's just great to have all these compositions recorded all together; it's a fantastic compendium of all of the beautiful sambas which Paulinho has written over forty years. Teresa Cristina sings well and honestly, and her love and care for the music shines through. No, she's not Paulinho, but it's also nice to hear her ideas about the music. The box set is also nice, because it gives us lyrics for all of Paulinho's music - missing from most of the early albums. The choro accompaniment is just right and well played; nice also to have Paulinho participate himself.

Noites Cariocas

Noites Cariocas
Altamiro Carrilho, Chiquinho, Joel Nascimento,
Paulinho da Viola, Paulo Moura, Paulo Sergio
Santos, Ze da Velha, Henrique Cazes & others

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