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Roberto Menescal

A Bossa Nova de Roberto E Seu

A Songwriter-Guitarist-Producer From Bossa
Nova's First Generation  --  Still Updating The
Genre With Bossacucanova & Other Projects

Brazilian Music
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Pure Bossa Nova

Pure Bossa Nova: A View On The Music Of Roberto Menescal
by Roberto Menescal


The Zen

Bossa Entre Amigos

Bossa Entre Amigos
Wanda Sa, Roberto Menescal, Marcos Valle


Bossacucanova & Roberto Menescal

Bossacucanova - the three young Rio de Janeiro producers/musicians whose first effort under the Bossacucanova moniker ("Revisited Classics") was released by Ziriguiboom/Crammed Discs/Six Degrees in late 1998 - have teamed up with original bossa nova guitar hero Roberto Menescal to create a lovely album of jazzy, electronic bossa grooves. Tastefully combining their programming skills with Menescal's sensuous, laidback guitar playing and performances by a host of musicians (including horn, strings & percussion players), Bossacucanova rejuvenates the essence of bossa nova with "Brasilidade," making it fresh and exciting to yet another generation of listeners worldwide. description

Eu E a Musica

Eu E a Musica
Wanda Sa & Roberto Menescal

Roberto Menescal, a pioneer composer and performer of Bossa Nova, and his long-time partner Wanda Sa, offer a delightful selection of classic Brazilian jazz selections including some of Menescal's well-known compositions and those of the "grand master", Antonio Carlos "Tom" Jobim. Their guitars and voices blend wonderfully and create the light, breezy familiar style that has become their trademark. I have had the privlege of seeing and hearing them live and meeting them personally and I have found that the genuine warmth, Brazilian passion and friendliness they showed to me is conveyed effectively through their music. Though well-known in Brazil, many international audiences, especially in the U.S., Europe and Asia are only now discovering one of Brazil's greatest musical national treasures. Listen once, and you too will know that you have found something very special. --an Amazon reviewer

Bossa Evergreen

Bossa Evergreen

A Bossa Nova de Roberto E Seu

A Bossa Nova de Roberto E Seu Conjunto



Bossa Nova

Part of the Elenco Paper Sleeve series. Japanese remastered reissue of the bossa nova star's 1967 album, packaged in a limited edition miniature LP sleeve.

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Bênção, Bossa Nova

Benção Bossa Nova
produced by Roberto Menescal

Leila Pinheiro

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