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Martinho Da Vila

Ta Delicia Ta Gostoso

the famed samba singer-songwriter long
associated with Rio's Vila Isabel samba school

Brazilian Music
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Conexões Ao Vivo

Conexões Ao Vivo (CD)
by Martinho Da Vila

In sequence to the project ''Conexoes'', Martinho da Vila recorded this live album, singing in French and Portuguese. A repertoire very well known by Europeans as, ''Femmes (Mulheres - Woman)'' & ''Boemia (La Boheme - Boheme)''. Universal.

Canta Canta Minhagente

Canta Canta Minha Gente
career retrospective not to be confused
with 1974 release of same name


Batuca No Chão

Batuca No Chão

20 Anos De Samba

Martinho Da Vila: 20 Anos De Samba

Three CD Luxurious Box Set Containing Masterpieces Created by Martinho Da Vila, one of the Most Important Samba Singer and Song Writer of all Times, During his 20 Years Partnership with BMG.

Ta Delicia Ta Gostoso

Tá Delícia, Tá Gostoso



Maravilha de Cenario

Maravilha de Cenario

Canta Canta Minha Gente

Canta Canta Minha Gente

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