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Kid Abelha Brazilian Pop

Pega Vida

Pega Vida

Brazilian Music
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A Popular Brazilian Pop-Rock Group Featuring
Paula Toller, George Israel & Bruno Fortunato

Kid Abelha Albums

Box Acústic MTV

Box Acústic MTV
3-CD Box Set (2004)


Acustico Mtv
2003 Latin Grammy Nominee for Best
Brazilian Contemporary Pop Album

Kid Abelha, with Paula Toller, George Israel and Bruno Fortunato, a very sucessful band in Brazil of pop/rock, in their new CD, in the well famous "acoustic" form. Their permomance was excellent, but this does not exactly apply to their selections of songs of their career. Where is "Pintura Intima", for example? I can say that 5 or 6 very good songs were put away favouring other songs, like "Brasil", a song made by George Israel and sang by Cazuza in the 80's, but never in a CD of Kid Abelha, and "Quero te Encontrar", sweet presentation of a hip hop song of Claudinho e Buchecha, but again, removing space that could be used to express the true soul of the history of the career's band. A new song, "Nada Sei", however, was very well presented. Incredible song, very good words. And the presence of "Lagrimas and Chuva" and "Fixacao" high up the level of the CD, whose best song's perfomance, was, for me, "Como eu Quero". The 19 songs among the CD are very good and very well peformed by the band, and Paula Troller's voice is in its best, but it could be, after all, even better. But who loves the band should have the CD. Even because more than 20 years of sucess are not for everyone. --an Amazon reviewer


Kid Abelha (E-Collection)

Two CD Compilation featuring the Band's Hits on the First CD and a Collection of Unreleased Songs and Remixes on the Second.

Meio Desligado

Meio Desligado

This is a sort of 'greatest hits' cd, collected from a short tour they did in 1993, I believe. This band is apparently huge in Brazil- especially with the 16-24 age group, but don't let this turn you off. The musicians assembled for this tour are top-rate musicians (one of the few, if only, times they played with Kid Abelha), the recording is superb, the song-writing is mostly up-beat, lively; though the slower tunes are the standout tracks, as far as I'm concerned. Finally, one must mention the singing...this woman has an incredible voice, as compelling as Marisa Monte. A collection of songs of singular, rare beauty, well worth tracking down. ps: I read that this is one of the few releases by Kid Abelha that received muted praise by 'serious' Brazilian music critics, and this is, in large part, due to the production, (re)arrangement of songs, and musicians playing on this brief tour. This release is, thus, an exception to their many other releases, unfortunately (their first cd came out in 1985- and they've been popular ever since). --an Amazon reviewer

Meu Mundo...

Meu Mundo



Kid Abelha

Kid Abelha

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