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DJ Patife

Cool Step
with DJ Fabio

Brazilian really seems to be taking drum n' bass to heart, what, with the likes of DJ Patife and DJ Marky representing their scene it's only a matter of time before the slacking UK producers either lose the DnB crown or make some much needed moves. This mix album will satisfy anyone who enjoys atmospheric drum n' bass's sensual energy and looking for some jazz tinged sounds that are fresh. Brasillian samba, soul, and African drums decorate the fresh basslines and drum kicks throughout the mix. Warning to all those interested in heavy dark breaks-THIS IS NOT THE ALBUM FOR YOU. For for those of us who love Creative Source, Goodlookin', and Hospital tunes but have been yearning for a new twist, this is the album for you. Brasil for World Cup this year! --an Amazon reviewer

Sounds of Drum'N'Bass

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