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DJ Marky

a:A: 2 (Audio Architecture 2)

Dj Marky presents the Second Volume of a Compilation Series of Brazilian Techno Music (Better Known as "Sambaloco" in Brazil).

The Brazilian Job
with The Movement

This album is so amazing, everything about it from start to finish is perfect, the tune selection develops through out the mix, it really takes your through a journey, the tune selection is amazing, so many classics from 2000-2001, and many great brazilain flavas here also. Also the mixing on this albums is nice and tight and Dj Marky leaves in the tunes the perfect length only to get you asking for more! the scratchin on this cd in not technically amazing but its sounds so well preformed when he scratchs over "the hook" or the tunes. its truly shows that in 2001 when drum and bass came back into full effect, how diverse the sound became with dark bizness, disco style, liquid funk, latin beats, techstep and dancefloor music. and it also shows why DJ Marky is a amazing DJ. --an Amazon reviewer

Possibly realising that D'n'B has the potential to reach a far more wider ranging audience, `DJ Marky' mixes a set that focuses squarely on the less abrasive side of D'n'B, and thus makes such a definingly brilliant set, that it's undoubtedly going to be copied over the coming years.....moving fluidly through downtempo vocal breakbeat "Un-Cut's - Midnight", "Krust's - Jazz Note", before the introduction of the utterly sublime Brazilian themed D'n'B tracks are introduced "Fernanda Porto's - Sambassim", and the wonderfully breezy DJ Marky produced "S? Tinha Que Ser Com Voc?", before rounding out things perfectly with "Shy Fx & T-Power's - Shake Ur Body" (Listed here as "Shake It"). You'll be hard pressed to find a more accessible D'n'B mix album that'll delight newcomers & Enthusiasts alike, and one of a growing list of D'n'B albums that has a chance of making a mainstream impact. and is unquestionably is a landmark D'n'B album of staggering brilliance... -an Amazon reviewer

In Rotation

Brazilian Wonderkids Dj Marky and Xrs Present their Debut Album. From Chart Hits, Dance Floor Smashers, to Lounge Gems, It's all Brazilian! DJ Marky and Xrs Are Without Doubt Two of South America's Most High Profile Dance Music Artists. From Sao Paulo, DJ Marky is the Deck Master that Took the World by Storm Re-energizing Drum and Bass Audiences Universally. Xrs is the Brazilian Studio Wizard. 'in Rotation' features an all Star Line Up Including Gilberto Gil, Cleveland Watkiss, Jenna G from Un-cut, Vikter Duplaix and Lk. DJ Marky and Xrs Prove Drum and Bass Can Capture Mainstream Minds Whilst Fully Maintaining Credibility on the Street. --album description

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