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Eumir Deodato

The Brazilian Composer,
Arranger and Producer

Brazilian Music
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Bossa Nova Sessions, Vol. 1

I recently found this CD in a Hollywood music store along with its sequel before their listing here. Not ever having any Deodato recordings prior to Prelude nor any after Love Island, I had no idea what to expect. I love bossa nova, but wondered whether or not it would be sanitized and commercialized. After all, Deodato DID get pretty commercial sounding after the issue of Love Island. Then I noticed that this was recorded in 1964, right in the midst of the bossa nova craze. That clinched it, I had to have both of them. Volume 1 is by far my favorite of the two and not just because the material is stronger. The musicians on both volumes are virtuoso, but on Volume 1 of the Bossa Nova Sessions they sound positively inspired! Throughout, Deodato shows the massive talent for arrangement and phrasing that to Americans just seemed to have come from out of nowhere when Prelude was unleashed in the US.
Samba de Verao is likely the best-known tune on the CD. Millions who couldn't tell a samba from a square dance have heard it at some time in their lives. But its hardly the best tune. I like almost everything. Favorites include Samba No Congo, Adriana, Capoeira (great sax work), the aforementioned Samba de Verao, Ainda Mais Lindo, So Por Amor, Ela e Carioca, and Pouca Duracao. A pool party would be the perfect place to crank this up and get everyone in a festive mood. Even those who generally eschew dancing might find the infectious joy and drive of this music too hard to resist. --an Amazon reviewer

Deodato 2

First let me say that I think Deodato is a genius. Every track on this CD is bursting with fresh, innovative sounds and ideas. Whether it is an orcherstral re-interpretation of classical themes, or outrageous jazz-funk licks, this record rocks. The solos are great, the beat is heavy and funky throughout, and Deodato takes a number of excellent solos on Fender-Rhodes electric piano which I feel are real highlights of the album. The ensemble playing and sheer power of this band are amazing. So from an artistic perspective, I have no hesitation in highly recommending this CD. It's too bad that this material has been out of print for so long. You might also consider buying the Raven release "Preludes and Rhapsodies" which presents this album and its predecessor in their original playing order, albeit without the 3 bonus tracks. The sound on these re-releases is arguably better also. --an Amazon reviewer

First Cuckoo

Japanese exclusive reissue of the 1975 release from the Brazilian jazz/fusion artist who's best known for his 1972 hit adaption of the 'Theme to 2001'. Featuring a cover of Led Zeppelin's 'Black Dog'. 2000 release. --an Amazon reviewer

Live at Felt Forum

When I was living in South America I used to have his 1st. and 2nd. LP. Now I have to rely a little on my memory. Oh yes, I do know, it's the piano he plays like a god. He does the arrangements, plays the keyboards and takes care of the conducting. All this makes him a very talented and gifted musician you can listen to and drift off. Highly recomendable for quiet listening with your head-set on your ears! Naturally it depends on your preference. It's almost like listening to classics. --an Amazon reviewer

Love Island

Love Island captures a moment in 1978 when Eumir Deodato was on top of the world. This was his maiden release under Warner Bros. since his departure with MCA, and top notch session players are at the fore once again with warm melodies riding on phat basslines, sumptuous synthesiser waves and the presence of the legendary George Benson soloing in the centre section in the title track. Deodato also does a wonderful adaptation of Billy Strayhorn's classic Take The A Train. Also featured is very much half of Earth, Wind & Fire (Philip Bailey, Al McKay, Freddie White & Verdine White) on Tahiti Hut. Deodato had pulled together a sound that would define an era. Out of all Deodato releases, this album contains 80% original material compared to his other releases which are half original and half adaptations. Love Island also bears a tropical theme throughout the entire CD from cover to content. Co-produced with the awesome Tommy Lipuma, Love Island is smooth jazz before that term suggested toothless, emotionally banal noodling, when it meant long hot nights danced to sultry, funk-drenched tunes and chilling out to tinkling synth grooves in the back of your white Cortina. This 2002 Warner UK remaster is the best re-issue to date. Recommeded tracks: Area Code 808, Tahiti Hut, San Juan Sunset, Love Island, Take The A Train. --an Amazon reviewer

Percepcao (Limited Edition)

Deodato has been a favorite since the US release of Prelude back in the halcyon days of my youth. His auspicious American debut was followed with a string of mostly excellent albums right on up through Love Island. Then Deodato went disco and seemed to disappear from the musical map. Percepcao is largely unknown in the States and contains music composed when Deodato was at his creative peak. Of the songs on this CD, only Dia de Verao saw release on a US album where a more horn-driven version was retitled Spirit of Summer for Prelude. Percepcao is great morning music. Though it is smooth and relaxing, its quality places it miles above the pap often referred to as "smooth jazz". Deodato's compositional and arrangeing skills will be immediately apparent to the educated ear. The entire CD is excellent, but my favorites here are the stately Dia de Verao, the evocative A Grande Cacada, the soaring Bebe, and the soothing Neve. My only complaint is that it is just under 25 minutes short. Despite the brevity, I recommend it highly particularly to those who are fans of early Deodato. --an Amazon reviewer


Most Americans had never heard of Eumir Deodato when he burst on the scene in 1972 with his smashing American debut, Prelude. OK, his take on Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra got the airplay, and it is an excellent interpretation, but there is a wealth of other good tunes to be heard on Prelude, too. I like the Spirit Of Summer as well as Carly and Carole which had both been previously released in Brazil with different arrangements. The keyboard work on the latter is stunning. I also like Baubles, Bangles, and Beads in the full version that features the soaring guitar of John Tropea in the interlude. I actually heard a truncated Muzak version once in an elevator that cuts the heart from the song. If you've heard only that one, you are missing out. --an Amazon reviewer

Preludes & Rhapsodies

Aussie release combines two classic 1970s albums from the Brazilian jazz/funk/Latin artist on one CD for the first time, 'Prelude' (1972) & 'Deodato 2' (1973 & out-of-print in the U.S.). Pristine 24-Bit remastered sound plus detailed liner notes. Highlights include the 1973 international Top 10 hit 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' (2001 Theme) & the cream of 1970s jazz-rock players, Billy Cobham, Stanley Clarke, John Tropea, Hubert Laws, Ron Carter, Airto etc. --an Amazon reviewer

Very Together
Japanese reissue

I have loved this album and would like to rate it as on of Deodato's best! My fusion oriented cousin had this in his collection and I taped it on a casette which I worn out. I later bought the LP used in Canada and finally burned my own CD from the LP last year! (BTW I'm 33 now). This album is swingin', it's funky, groovy and ultimately cool! Everyone I play it for just loves it! Just crank it up and play "I shot the sheriff" or "Peter Gunn" for some serious funk grooves. You just want to dig! The players are immaculate and the arrangements stellar. Actually I collect every album from Deodato and has most of his LP's and the glorious reissues of his 60s Bossa Nova period. The "sister album for MCA "First Cuckoo" is also a real gem. hard to find though. I wish more people would discover Deodato. --an Amazon reviewer

Deodato Plays Marcos Valle Summer Samba

Summer Samba: Deodato Plays Marcos Valle

Deodato as Arranger and/or Producer

Antonio Carlos Jobim

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