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Banda Black Rio


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100 Years: Gafieira Universal




Features Mixes from Maestro Raj Gupta Alias Ray Mang (Block 16, Faze Asction), Toni Economides (The Mastermind Behind Da Lata and Nitin Sawney), and Faze Action Deliver a Storming Mix of Magia, Bringing Some of that Old Banda Black Rio Disco Magic from the 70s. --album description

...These dudes dug up every Con-funk-shun, EWF, Kool and the Gang (early 70's) and Brass Construction album they could find, incorporated rhythms and beats from their indigenous environs and the result is a SHOCK!! This isn't a watered down impression of American R&B but an original form that stands on its own merits. I listen to it over and over because I can't believe the result. --an Amazon reviewer

The Best Of Banda Black Rio

I also agree with another reviewer, that if you listen to Banda Black Rio you will definitely hear elements of their music that have been used by groups, such as Jamiroquai (a great group to check out if you haven't already!). However Banda Black Rio were originals in the style they helped make popular. A wonderful fusion of jazz, funk, and samba. It could easily be compared to an instrumental version of other late 70's early 80's funk bands, such as Kool & The Gang or Earth, Wind & Fire, except with a Brazilian twist. My three favorite tracks from this CD are "Maria Fumaca", "Mr. Funk Samba", and "Cravo e Canela". A must have for any fans of late 70's funk! --an Amazon reviewer

Latin Essentials: Banda Black Rio

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