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Estudando O Pagode

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Estudando O Pagode

Estudando O Pagode

Produced by Jair De Oliveira. Special Guests: Luciana Mello, Zelia Duncan, Patricia Marx, Edson Cordeiro, Among Others. 16 Tracks.

20 Preferidas

Tom Ze: 20 Preferidas
Twenty of Tom Ze's greatest songs

Jogos de Armar

Jogos De Armar
Album Description & Tom Ze Biography

No Jardim da Politica

No Jardim da Politica
live album recorded in 1985 in
the Teatro Lira Paulistana

Com Defeito de Fabricacao (Fabrication Defect) [BMG]

Fabrication Defect

An original member of the Tropicalia movement that revolutionized Brazilian popular music in the late 1960s, Tom Ze is a longtime cultural cannibal who makes beautiful and intelligent music out of a fascinating range of materials. Fabrication Defect is an old-fashioned concept album in the sense that each song represents one of the charming imperfections--such as youth, stupidity, or dancing--that humanize an international population of third-world ghetto residents otherwise viewed as "subhuman androids." But Tom Ze's ideology is easy to miss in a joyous melange of songs that borrow liberally from Portuguese cantalon, urban samba, musique concrčte, and a wide assortment of rhythms from both Brazil's tropical Bahia region and dusty countryside. Ze's excoriation of the church and capitalism may be old-school, but his mixture of the traditional and modern (dig the accordion techno of "Xiquexique") is downright tomorrow. --Richard Gehr

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