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Margareth Menezes

Axe Bahia: O Melhor de Margareth Menezes

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Margareth Menezes' 2002 album follows nicely from her 90s efforts with more of the same Afro-Brazilian fusion that made her famous but with a slightly more polished feel that should satisfy her many international fans and the purists alike! Including the hit smash "Dandalunda", 'the' record at Salvador's 2003 Carnival celebrations where Margareth's performances have achieved legendary status over the last few years. Produced by Carlinhos Brown (of Tribalistas fame), this is Brazilian music of the highest quality. You don't need to speak Portugese to appreciate it either as the rhythm will win you over within a few minutes of listening. A worthy addition to your collection and well worth the import price. --an reviewer

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