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Neguinha Te Amo

Dance Music
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Simbora Remixes

Simbora Remixes

Neguinha Te Amo

Brazil will always be associated with bossa nova and samba music, but the country's musical landscape also includes rock, pop, hip-hop, funk, and other modern forms. On Neguinha Te Amo, Daude (pronounced Dah-oo-jee) offers her own unique perspective on the modern Brazilian pop music genre (known as Musica Popular Brasileira or simply MPB) by drawing on her experiences as a black female and celebrating both Brazil's culture of tolerance and her own very positive sense of sisterhood. Her soothing voice sounds almost effortless, making the message resonate all the more righteously. Urban pop arrangements and excellent production values from producer and collaborator Will Mowat leave no doubt that Daude is living in the here and now even when she draws upon her African roots to bring in traditional African drumming. She also touches on a few shimmying sambas, such as Baden Powell and Vinicius De Moraes’s classic "Canto de Ossanha." This is an excellent outing from an artist who deserves more attention. --Tad Hendrickson

Daude 2


This album is great. She combines samba, funk, and hip hop in new and inventive ways. I love the whole cd. Too bad Daude doesn't get the credit she deserves in brazil. --an Amazon reviewer

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