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Beth Carvalho

Ao Vivo No Olimpia

Brazilian Music
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Beth Carvalho CDs, A - Z

A Madrinha Do Samba: Ao Vivo Convida

A Madrinha Do Samba: Ao Vivo Convida

With Zeca Pagodinho, Nelson Sargento, Velha Guarda Da Mangueira, Sombrinha, D. Ivone Lara, Arlindo Cruz, Teresa Cristina, Jorge Aragao, Almir Guineto, Luiz Carlos Da Vila and Quinteto Em Branco E Preto. Recorded Live at Canecao in Rio De Janeiro. (2004)

Ao Vivo No Olimpia

Ao Vivo No Olimpia

Beth Carvalho is a great singer, and a loving interpreter of the Samba tradition of Brazil. This is a live recording from 1991 (Beth Carvalho Live at the Olympia). The recording has no obvious flaws, and the mood is exceptional. I really like this album, it is one of her best. The only drawback from my point of view is the backing instruments include synthesizer, while most of her albums I have heard are done with traditional acoustic samba instruments. Beth sings many of her hits. The first eight tracks are soft, slow and sentimental. The rest of the album is a bit more upbeat. --an reviewer

Beth Carvalho (Millenium Series)
retrospective CD (1999)
limited availability

Beth Carvalho Canta Cartola
Beth Carvalho interprets samba
classics by the legendary Cartola


Beth Carvalho No Pagode
limited availability

Beth Carvalho is one of my favorite singers. She sings samba with a great love and respect for the traditions of the style. This album was recorded in 1979, and her voice is a bit lighter than in more recent recordings. This is a studio recording, with traditional acoustic instruments. --an reviewer

De Pé No Chão
limited availability

Mundo Melhor

This CD recorded in 1976 showcases Beth Carvalho early in her career. There is a very happy feeling to this CD and with one listen, you quickly understand that this is an artist that is going to be around for a while. Her voice is not as silky and warm as it is in her recordings from the late 80's and 90's. However, most of the songs are very playful and up-tempo; more than you would expect on a Beth Carvalho album. Her voice is still phenomenal, even on these early recordings from the mid 70's. Because of the traditional instrumentation, the recording sounds as fresh in 99 as it did in 76. --an reviewer

Pagode De Mesa Ao Vivo
recorded live in Rio de Janeiro, with
guests Zeca Pagodinho, Dudu Nobre,
Almir Guineto and other pagode greats


Pagode de Mesa is one of the best live samba albums I have come across in my modest samba collection of 20 to 30 CDs. To start with the least important reasons: normally the crowd noise in live albums - especially samba live - gets in the way of listening but thanks to impeccable editing the crowd in this album blends in with the music perfectly. Then there is the superb recording quality that is usually lacking in live CDs, but thankfully that is not the case here. But all it comes down to is Beth Carvalho and her first-rate samba musicians, presenting the pagode samba tunes magnificently with traditional instruments and percussion (i.e. no electronic synthesizers that cheapen the samba sound). And the well chosen selection of sambas that range from energetic, highly danceable numbers to beautiful ballads make it an invaluable member of my samba collection. --an reviewer

Serie Retratos

Beth Carvalho
Retratos: Beth Carvalho
hits compilation (2004)

Suor No Rosto

Suor No Rosto


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