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The Rough Guide to Brazilian Hip-Hop

The Rough Guide to Brazilian Hip-Hop

Hip-hop traveled from the boogie-down Bronx to the black, brown, and beige country of Brazil, where the same themes of violence, Afrocentric pride, and ghetto life are the syncopated soundtracks for millions of poor favela dwellers. This compilation features rappers and turntable specialists from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro who stay true to game and flip the script with their extensions and experiments with the genre. Possemente Zulu's "Sou Negrao" has a call-and-response vocal riff that recalls Naughty by Nature's Hip Hop Horray, and Thaíde & DJ Hum's "Tempo Bom" samples the R&B classic Mr. Big Stuff. Conversely, Personagens's "No Corpo a Coisa Pega" swings with the samba and Xis's "Us Mano E as Mina" is buoyed by reggae-fied rhythms. From Chico Science's innovative production, to Elza Soares's new-school version of the Tropicalia standard, "Haiti," the Brazilianization of our music continues. --Eugene Holley, Jr.

MTV Ao Vivo

Gabriel O Pensador (Brazilian Rap)

Instinto Coletivo - Ao Vivo

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Chico Science & Nacao Zumbi

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