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The Now Sound Of Brazil Series

The Now Sound of Brazil, Vol. 2

The Now Sound Of Brazil 2
(Ziriguiboom / Six Degrees)


"The Now Sound Of Brazil 2" is the latest collection of cool and innovative music from Six Degrees/Ziriguiboom. Acclaimed around the world as the leading source for modern Brazilian music, from electronic to bossa nova to samba soul, Ziriguiboom is dedicated to presenting original aspects of Brazilian music to an international audience. While many labels and artists have jumped on the "modern Brazilian" bandwagon, in the wake of Bebel Gilberto's success, Ziriguiboom remains one step ahead of the pack. "The Now Sound Of Brazil 2" showcases the imprint's dedication to innovation and quality with material by Bebel Gilberto, Zuco 103, Cibelle and Bossacucanova, plus new exlusive tracks and remixes of Celso Fonseca, Zuco 103 and DJ Dolores. --album description

Various Artists
The Now Sound Of Brazil
Bebel Gilberto, Zuco 103, Trio Mocotˇ,
Suba, Celso Fonseca, Bossacucanova


Well if you have missed some of the efforts linked to the modern Brazil music scene than this puts a nice sampler together for you. If you are already familiar and have come by way of the late Suba's "Sao Paolo Confessions" or Bebel Gilberto's lovely "Tanto Tempo," both so good that they deserved tributes or remixes, than you will be plesantly surprised by some of the other offerings...The version Zuco 103 performs of "Outro Lado" is sweet, slightly funky, dreamy, trippy and like many of the tracks on this sampler, seductive. Zuco 103 also performs "Treasure" which is a bit more uptempo, bilingual(with interspersed English chorus) slightly edgy with a sprinkling of bossadelia that is not as good as the version featured on their CD but still very nice. Trio Mocoto's "Os Orixas" has a more carnival or futbol flavor where you can imagine the samba line grooving along . Bossacucanova fills in the dance lines on this sampler with jazz melodies for some soflty swinging atmospheric approches to create lounge Brazinujazz. All the songs contribute something tasty to the CD and is recommended for a point of departure or to just sit and watch your own Rio sunsets. --an reviewer

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