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Da Lata



First off, 'Songs From The Tin' will forever be high on my list of CDs. That said 'Serious' follows its predecessor musically and more so conceptually. First, as an open letter from the Third World to the Western World. Second, it's a representation of the genre-busting and cross-pollination that is the London music scene. The guest performers are perfect examples of both points. As for the complaint over the African sounds in the previous review, one only has to read history, listen to Brasilian music or even the first Da Lata album to hear that African rhythms make up Brasilian music. With that in mind, the album draws on the similarities between the two cultures. The bittersweet duet of Nina Miranda and Baaba Maal on "Distracted Minds" has Third World (Latin and African) voices questioning the existential priorities of the "civilized" Western world. While the brilliant Jhelisa (an American vocalist living in London) croons her open letter of reluctance to Blair and Bush over broken beats on 'Reeling'. Jhelisa and Nina team up to bring vocals reminiscent of Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 on 'Something', taking a stab at emotional and material consumption. The energetic rhythm of flute and beat on 'Firefly' has the listener running through some place wild and peaceful. Brasil is represented by Pedro Martin's vocals over a bossa nova track with intricate guitar work and a semi- beat box vocal to keep the rhythm. The production still blends the acoustic with the digital. 'Songs from Tin' (Yin) was an album reflecting the innocent, hopefull, folkloric aspects of Brasilian culture, Da Lata's follow up is a "Serious" (Yang) more tech-heavy, non compliant response to a post 9/11 world climate.Their objective is still the same- expand the musical blueprint and provide the soul with fresh honest music that unites. It's a great world CD or a great electronic CD......For those looking for more Liliana and Oli look for the Negrocan and Arakatuba albums. For Nina Miranda check out Arkestra One. --an Amazon reviewer



Da Lata Can Lay Claim to Being a Kind of Brazillian Counterpart to Masters at Work's Nuyorican Groove. Not Following Tradition While Being Respectful of It. In the Summer of 2000, They Released their Critically Acclaimed Debut Album 'songs from the Tin' after Having Had Major Club and Dancefloor Action with the Classic and Very Beautiful 'pra Manha', which is Still a Favorite with Most DJ'S. 'da Lata Remixes' is a Compilation of Some of their Finest Remixes plus a Previously Unreleased Track, 'golden'. The Album Includes Such Club Anthems as Femi Kuti's 'beng, Beng, Beng', and Da Lata's Own Signature Tune 'ponteio'. 'golden is a Brand New Track which Has Been Remixed by Brazil's Hotly Tipped Remixer/Producer DJ Patife and UK'S Finest Bugz in Th Attic. --album description


Songs From the Tin

Songs From The Tin
Christian Franck and Patrick Forge with Brazilian vocalist
Liliana Chachian and Portuguese percussionist Oli Savill

Chris Franck, the multi-instrumentalist behind Smoke City, and DJ Patrick Forge are the brains behind Da Lata, who really became known in 1998 with the single "Pra Manha," which made a big impact in dance clubs. Building on that success, the artists created a wild album whose textures reflect the light, subtle beats and accents of Brazil rather than the four-on-the-floor of dance music. Dierdre Dubois of Evoka helps out with vocals on the opening "Binti," but most of the singing comes from the smoky-voiced Lilliana Chachian. Strings and touches of brass help the arrangements soar, especially on "Rain Song" and the closer "The Tin Within." Like the late Suba, Da Lata came to Brazilian music from the outside without the restrictions of tradition, and they both impose their own ideas on the bossa nova and samba, letting the groove slide sexily around and allowing the hips to do the talking. Close to perfect. --Chris Nickson

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