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Trio Da Paz


Guitarist Romero Lubambo, bassist Nilson
Matta, and drummer Duduka da Fonseca

Brazilian Music
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Canta Brasil

Canta Brasil
Kenny Barron with Trio da Paz

Partido Out

Partido Out

"Partido Out" the newest release by Trio da Paz (Trio of Peace) is a classic of this genre. The music on this must have CD perfectly blends melodic and probing jazz lines with impeccably played and highly complex Brazilian Rhythms. The Trio is comprised of three of Brazil's greatest musicians and this CD shows them all off quite well. I am particularly partial to some of this CD's more melodic material as found in: "Luisa", "Rosa", "Song for Kaya" and a tune literally named after the group "Trio da Paz." This Cd is that rare combination of instrumental virtuosity paired with great music making. --an Amazon reviewer

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Samba Jazz Fantasia

Samba Jazz Fantasia
Duduka Da Fonseca

Duduka Da Fonseca, percussionist in the remarkable Trio da Paz, has recorded perhaps--no, certainly--the ultimate samba album. First off, he's assembled maybe the Latin jazz ensemble of the century. How do you get Joe Lovano, Tom Harrell, David Sanchez, John Scofield, Kenny Werner, Romero Lubambo, Claudio Roditi, Billy Drewes, Dennis Irwin, Jay Ashby, Eddie Gomez, Helio Alves, Richard Perry, and several other top players on your gig? How do you get them integrated into your signature sound? How does this come out sounding so fresh, so spontaneous, so effortless, so seemless? --an Amazon reviewer

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