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Los Hermanos



Bloco Do Eu Sozinho

Bloco Do Eu Sozinho

After selling 300.000 copies of their wonderful debut, mainly because of the huge success of "Anna Júlia" (re-recorded in English by Jim Capaldi, George Harrison, Paul Weller amongst others), the "Los Hermanos" made a complex, inovative and unexpected second album. Considered "difficult" by their label, the band had to struggle to release the CD the way they wanted. No easy hit-singles and almost no promotion (not to mention the decision not to make "playback" appearences at the TV) lead the album to a lower selling patamar compared to their anterior effort. --an Amazon reviewer



Los Hermanos is currently my favorite brazilian band. They are fantastic. Ventura is their third album and it brings beautifully composed, written and arranged songs. Ventura and Bloco DO Eu Sozinho are, in my opinion, cds that everyone should listen to. Los Hermanos's sound is unique, mixing mpb, samba, rock, pop and more to create music that really is, if not always exciting, very emotional. If you are a music fan, like me, you should try this one. I think this band deserves a lot more recognition inside and outside of Brazil, so please give this one a try. --an Amazon reviewer

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