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Don Cherry, Collin Walcott,
and Naná Vasconcelos


Codona 1

Codona, Vol. 2

Codona 2

This was the first Codona CD I have heard, and I much prefer it to Codona 3. It seems earthier, more delicate...extremely gorgeous, but still "out" enough to maintain interest (i.e. the jagged sporadic running lines Cherry lays over the mellow grooves...somehow all out and completely restrained). When I first heard this album, I listened through it twice in a row, and for days afterwards. I have yet to hear Codona 1, but I hope to soon. As of now, I STILL can't get enough of this disc, and it's been a while since I first heard it. Enjoy...--an Amazon reviewer

Codona, Vol. 3

Codona 3

CODONA is, of course, Collin Walcott, Don Cherry, and Nana Vasconcelos working together; of their three releases, this ends up my favorite. All three are multi-instrumentalists of amazing range. On this outing, Walcott, a Brit known for his work with Oregon, plays sitar, hammered dulcimer, and tablas; Cherry -- a longtime Ornette Coleman collaborator and a composer of some truly delightful albums in his time, plays trumpet, organ, and doussn'gouni; and Vasconcelos, from Brazil, does percussion and berimbau. All three sing, at times, though in the sense of using voice as an instrument, with only one cut, "Clicky Clacky," actually having lyrics. The CD is sort of a mixture of world music with jazz, if that wasn't already obvious, and has a marvelous depth of texture and warmth to it. Also variety -- it ranges from really quite trippy material to songs that sound like joyous tribal lullabies to very catchy and almost unclassifiable pieces like "Hey Da Ba Doom." Well worth buying. --an Amazon reviewer


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