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Barão Vermelho

Balada MTV

Balada MTV

Brazilian Music
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MTV: Ao Vivo
double CD recorded live at Circo Voador

Pedra Flor E Espinho

Pedra Flor E Espinho

Balada MTV

Balada MTV

I do agree with the ones that clame that Cazuza was a genious and that Cazuza & Barao Vermelho together composed songs that will remain among the best of the Brazilian music for many more decades. But the thing is that, even after Cazuza left the band, it was still clear the brilliance of the compositions and versions made by Barao Vermelho over the past two decades. This band, specially Frejat, was very important in giving life to Cazuza's lyrics. In this work they again were able to show their talent, by going through the different moments of their careers and of course, through the compositions of Cazuza as well, always with the same musicality and sensibility! --an Amazon reviewer

Barao Vermelho Ao Vivo

Barão Vermelho Ao Vivo

This album was recorded in the very first important rock festival in Brazil: ROCK IN RIO I - 1985. They divided the stage with Ozzy, Queen, Iron Maiden, AC/DC... The late Cazuza (dead by AIDS in 1989), Barão's charismatic vocalist, was stronger than ever. This is the only live BARÃO VERMELHO album where we can find Cazuza. And this was one of the last good moments of the band just before Cazuza quit for a solo career. --an Amazon reviewer

Barao Vermelho V.2

Barao Vermelho V.2


MTV: Ao Vivo V.1

Maior Abandonado


Barao Vermelho

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