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Arnaldo Baptista

Let It Bed

After many years out of the recording studio, the return of a
Brazilian rock legend and charter member of Os Mutantes


Loki (1974)

When he left Mutantes, in 1974, founding member and multi-instrumentalist Arnaldo holed up in the Phillips studios in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, to start working on what would be his first solo album. Many months later, with the album still unfinished, Phillips president Andre Midani pulled the plug and decided to release Loki? as it was: incomplete, with most overdubs missing. However, what could have turned into an embarrassing disaster for all involved went on to become one of Brazilian rock's classic albums, a cherished gem with a rough, live feel that was severely under-distributed when the LP first came out but that has been making many new converts since its CD edition in the late eighties. There are no electric guitars in Loki? (the title being a direct reference to Marvel comic book character Thor's evil brother, although in Portuguese the word is also slang for "crazy"), just piano (Arnaldo's instrument of choice at the time), acoustic guitars, bass (courtesy of Liminha, another former Mutante), drums and spare orchestration written and conducted by old cohort Rogério Duprat. That doesn't keep it from being Arnaldo's most powerful statement as a songwriter. He bares his soul like never before on the title track, challenges Death itself on the powerful rocker "Não Estou Nem Aí" -- with Rita Lee sharing the backing vocals -- and explores some of his favorite themes -- like drugs and flying saucers. --J. Emilio Rondeau

Onde E Que Esta Meu Rock N Roll?

Onde É Que Está O Meu Rock 'N' Roll?
(Where Is My Rock 'N' Roll?)
various artists interpret Arnaldo's songs


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