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Quinteto Violado


20 songs in a retrospective CD
by Quinteto Violado

Farinha Do Mesmo Saco

Farinha Do Mesmo Saco
by Quinteto Violado

A Arte de Quinteto Violado

A Arte de Quinteto Violado
by Quinteto Violado

2005 CD Reissue from the 1970's "a Arte De" (The Art Of) Series that Showcases the Best Tracks from the Top Selling Brazilian Artists. Highlights: "Asa Branca", "Acaua", "Procissao", "Vozes Da Seca", Among Others. 20 Tracks.

25 Anos Não São 25 Dias

Quinteto Violado: 25 Anos Não São 25 Dias
(25 Years Are Not 25 Days)


Quinteto Canta Vandré

Quinteto Canta Vandre
(Quinteto Violado Sings Geraldo Vandre)

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Ao Vivo Em Todos Os Sentidos

Ao Vivo Em Todos Os Sentidos
Alçeu Valença
(DVD - 2005)

9 de Frevereiro

9 de Frevereiro (DVD)
by Antônio Nóbrega

Saudade do Futuro

Saudade Do Futuro (DVD)

Dreaming of a better life, migrants from the Northeast of Brazil speak about the city of São Paulo, and sing it in prose, songs, stories and multiple sounds. Plot Synopsis: The rhythms and rhymes of the "cantadores," those troubadours from Northeastern Brazil, tell us the beat of São Paulo. Journalist or simple maid, director of an art gallery or home builder, the northeastern immigrants will bring us to sketch a portrait of one of the biggest cities in the world.--DVD description

This is a very beautiful poetic film about the largest city in South America, Sao Paulo told from the perspective of its largest migrant population the Nordestinos. Filled with startling music (forro, repente, embolada) and a cast of warm and humorous characters. Tremendously photographed and edited a total must have for lovers of all Brasilian, and indeed documentary. Just watched it and I have a very big smile on my face. --an Amazon reviewer


Brazil Forró: Music for Maids and Taxi Drivers

Forro & Baiao

Nordeste: Music of Brazil's Northeast

Axe / Music of Salvador & Bahia

Brazilian Regional Music

Kuarup Records

Sanfona (Brazilian Accordion)

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