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Antonio Nobega CDs & DVDs

Madeira Que Cupim Nao Roi

A singer, violinist, actor and dancer from Recife, Antonio Nobrega (1952-) was part of the northeastern group Quinteto Armorial in the 1970s, before embarking on a solo career. His remarkable music-dance-storytelling theatrical presentations combine cantigas, maracatus rurais, frevos and cirandas, and he plays both violin and instruments he has discovered in the sertao (outback) of Pernambuco state. He has won many awards, including the Premio Shell, Premio APCA and Premio Sharp--Chris McGowan

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Antonio Nobrega CDs & DVDs

9 de Frevereiro

9 de Frevereiro (DVD)
by Antônio Nóbrega

Madeira Que Cupim Nao Roi

Madeira Que Cupim Nao Roi
by Antonio Nobrega

Lunario Perpetuo

Lunario Perpetuo
by Antonio Nobrega

Na Pancada Do Ganza

Na Pancada Do Ganza
by Antonio Nobrega

Pernambuco Falando Para O Mundo

Pernambuco Falando Para O Mundo
by Antonio Nobrega

Música Armorial

Música Armorial / Quinteto da Paraiba
by Samuel Espinoza, Antonio
Carlos Nobrega d' Almeida

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Ao Vivo Em Todos Os Sentidos
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Saudade Do Futuro (DVD)

Dreaming of a better life, migrants from the Northeast of Brazil speak about the city of São Paulo, and sing it in prose, songs, stories and multiple sounds. Plot Synopsis: The rhythms and rhymes of the "cantadores," those troubadours from Northeastern Brazil, tell us the beat of São Paulo. Journalist or simple maid, director of an art gallery or home builder, the northeastern immigrants will bring us to sketch a portrait of one of the biggest cities in the world.--DVD description


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