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Leci Brandão

Somos Da Mesma Tribo

Somos Do Mesmo Tribo

Auto Estima

Auto Estima

Eu Sou Assim

Eu Sou Assim [LIVE]

Leci Brandao is one of the most vigorous Brazilian singers to take up the mantle of revived, modern samba that started in the '70s with the work of Alcione and Beth Carvalho This is a fine live album which finds Brandao still in fine voice (with the same being true of her fans, who happily sing along on most of these songs...) Occasionally the performances are too brisk or abrupt, or drift into overly poppy terrain, but for the most part this is another fine modern samba album, with Brandao's trademark air of authority and strength. Definitely worth checking out. --an Amazon reviewer

Leci Brandao (Millennium Series)

Leci Brandao E Convidados

A Filha Da Dona Leci

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