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Guilherme Franco & Pe De Boi

Capoeira: Legendary Music of Brazil

Capoeira: Legendary Music Of Brazil
Guilherme Franco

Listening to this music without actually seeing the astounding acrobatics and physical movement of the capoeira martial art form is sort of like listening to a movie soundtrack without the movie: you miss the visual aspect, but it allows you to hear the music more fully. Guilherme Franco plays the Brazilian berimbau, a kind of bow with a metal string that is struck with a stick. The sound is like no other percussion instrument; it buzzes, it sustains, it alters pitch like a bent note on a steel-string guitar. Capoeira is a mix of solo pieces ("Juna," "Juna Verdadeira"), pieces accompanied by other instruments (drums on "Sao Bento Grande" and "My Beat," rattle on "Batida Nova Rapida," and flute on "Juna Ocarina"), and full-out songs. But this catalog only hints at the richness of this recording and of the sound the berimbau makes when Franco's stick strikes the string. --Genevieve Williams

Power Samba Band

Pe De Boi: Power Samba Band

The pulsating rhythms of Pe De Boi - The Power Samba Band - have electrified the New York club scene since 1980. Born of the rich Brazilian musical tradition and inflected with elements of jazz, rock and salsa, the songs on this album feature as many as 10 different percussionists. Band founder and leader Guilherme Franco- a native of Brazil, a veteran of the McCoy Tyner group and one of the leading jazz percussionists in the word- named his group for a Brazilian slang term whose literal translation is the "foot of an ox," but whose real meaning is a musician with a great sense of rhythm. Their unique sound, intricate rhythms and contagious high spirits have been turning on audiences and making people move from the very first beat of the music. --album description

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