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Carlos Malta



Brazilian Jazz & Instrumental Music

Brazilian Music
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Carlos Malta E Pife Muderno

Tudo Coreto

Tudo Coreto

Instrumental Album from the Brazilian Jazz Musician. The Repertoire features Songs Such As: 'luz Do Sol' by Caetano Veloso, 'arrastao' by Edu Lobo and Vinicius De Moraes, 'ladeira Da Preguica' by Gilberto Gil, 'ate Amanha' by Noel Rosa, and 'lament' by Pixinguinha and Vinicius De Moraes. --album description

O Escultor Do Vento

Pixinguinha Alma E Corpo

Pixinguinha Alma E Corpo

A Great Tribute to One of the Most Important Brazilian Choro Composers. Carlos Malta is Back Presenting New Sax and Flute Versions of 10 Great Choro Classics Written by Pixinguinha. Malta is Accompanied by a String Quartet. --album description


Carlos Malta pays tribute to Elis Regina

Jeitinho Brasiliero

Jeitinho Brasileiro

This cd is most definitely one of the my FAVORITE " examples" of "Musica Brasileira instrumental"-- that covers A LOT of ground! Carlos Malta is formerly of Hermeto Pascoal's fabled "O GRUPO"(the seminal grupo, as is said!). He is the reed/woodwind player extaordinaire!!A very unique musician who absorbed Hermeto's "vision", the cd is a brilliant document of Seu Carlos' personal musical heart. It's is magnificent blend of orchestral arrangements-lush like any of the Ellington or Mingus' finest hours- set to the ritmos of Brasil's northeast. The cd is recorded, forming a "suite". Ellington's "Afro-Bossa Suite", or Mingus' "Cumbia & Jazz Fusion" might be close comparisons. Among the enjoyable moments in this cd is a lush waltz "Luz do Sol" which features the enchanting Jane DuBoc singing in the wordless Brasilian style- I hesitate to call it vocalese. The Maracatu "Paradindonde..." leads into"Luz",and is my particular favorite. THERE IS NOT A BAD TRACK ON THIS CD! Parabens, Seu Carlos !! --an Amazon reviewer

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