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Ana Caram

Hollywood Rio

Hollywood Rio

Some singers can transcend time - their works of today capture the essence of an earlier period without imitating that earlier sound. With Hollywood Rio, Ana Caram has created a timeless disc. Drawing from torch songs of the 30's, early bossa nova hits, 60's rock and contemporary ballads, she breathes new life into each selection. Very romantic, very musical and very, very well done. --an Amazon reviewer

Blue Bossa

Blue Bossa

Ana Caram's vocals bear an eeire remsemblance to 60s Brazilian superstar Astrid Gilberto, but I can't hold that against her. Ana's plaintive whispering vocals are well suited to David Chesky's sparse production values. This CD is retrograde in the sense that it revisits the wonderful 60's fusion of samba and cool jazz. Now, at last, I can take my classic Getz/Gilberto CD off the turntable and replace it with the swaying samba of this talented artist. I have a feeling this one's going to stay on my turntable a long, long time. Hats off to Chesky Records for bringing us another treasure. --an Amazon reviewer

Postcards from Rio

Postcards from Rio

Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova

This is a fantastic CD; it includes some of the best known Bossa Nova titles and its Brazilian Jazz approach is outstanding. Ana's voice and interpretations are right on the money. If you like either/or Brazilian Jazz and Bossa Nova, this one's for you. --an Amazon reviewer




The Other Side of Jobim

The Other Side Of Jobim



Rio After Dark

Rio After Dark

I've only just begun to explore the realm of Brazilian music, but after moving beyond Astrud and Bebel Gilberto, Ana Caram has been a happy discovery. This young protege' of Antonio Carlos Jobim has a clear, smooth, bird-like voice, and on this CD is joined by a great combo of talent including Jobim and Paquito D'Rivera. She sings some songs in Portuguese and others in a pleasantly accented english. This collection of numbers is light, soft, romantic and uplifting. It will transport you to a warm tropical night in a quiet cafe'. I highly recommend it! --an Amazon reviewer

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