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Nonato Luiz


Nonato Luiz with Tulio Mourão

This CD shows all the virtuosity of Nonato Luiz in the Classical Guitar accompanied by Tulio Mourao. Nonato Luis is, without a doubt, one of the best Brazilian Guitar Players of today. --an Amazon reviewer

Gosto De Brazil

Gosto Do Brasil
with Djalma Correa and Luiz Alves

Nonato Luiz is one of the best Brazilian guitarists that i have ever heard... "Gosto de Brazil" was the first CD of his that i heard & remains one of my favorites... as most of what else i have heard tends to be solo guitar CDs- this CD has wonder-full ensembles on most of the compostions with light, breathy vocals & flute enhancing both his compositions as well as his guitar playing... this, to me, is a classic Brazilian Guitar CD that has endured in my collection & never fails to bring me Joy when i listen to it... highly recommended !!! in addition, i would recommend "O Choro da Madeira" [if you can find it] which has the best recorded/engineered solo guitar CD sound i have ever heard as well his marvelous playing & beauty- full, distinctive compositional skills... mesmerizing music !!! --an Amazon reviewer

Nonato Toca Beatles

Nonato Toca Beatles

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