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Heraldo Do Monte

Guitarra Brasileira

Guitarra Brasileira

I do not need remind Brasilians, or applied disciples of Brasilian guitar that Heraldo Do Monte is one of the finest masters of all guitar styles, and most stringed instruments. From his days as a founding father of the legendary Quarteto Novo (with Hermeto, Airto and Theo De Barros), Sinhô Heraldo brings again the great musical traditions of Brasil, from the nordestino folclórico to the urban traditions of Rio and the South country. This recording ranges in style from the tradicional to jazzy, post jazzbossa and sambossa harmonic ideas. As with Quarteto Novo, Heraldinho mixes the rhythms of the respective Brasilian traditions with the incredible wizardry of his improvisational genius. Delicious lines, delirious with ideas, his technical ability on his instruments are second to none, but never interfere with the beauty of his lines! He tells a story with each solo. I have heard Heraldo do Monte through the years, in a variety of settings, fom jazz purity (with the Brasilian touch, of course), to traditional nordestino sounds, or from his time with funk/jazz Grupo Medusa and of course, his musical relationship with "O Bruxo", Hermeto Paschoal. This recording is a mature reflection of his current muse. Somehow, in Unitd States, too many Brasilian guitarristas as Heraldo Do Monte , Hélio Delmiro, Alemão (Olmir Stocker) , Lula Galvão, Ulísses Rocha, and others (too many to mention, and apology to those I did not say by name..) are sadly missing from the USian jazz guitar fan's vocabulary, SAD SAD SAD! This recording , as well as others from those I just mention should change this horrible omission! --an Amazon reviewer

Viola Nordestina

Viola Nordestina
Kuarup Records, 2001

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