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Airto Moreira CDs &

Life After That

Brazil's most influential percussionist, Airto is a jazz and world music
legend, and one of the architects of jazz fusion innovations of the 1970s

Brazilian Music
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Life After That

Life After That

With Airto Moreira's daughter Diana's musical entity "eyedentity" and her talents as well as his wife Flora (a wonderful musician and vocalist in her own right and a great partner for Airto) contributing to the production and performance, this is a real family affair and the love and strength on this album really reflects that. Airto is not only a great musician, but he really is a healer using sound. The rhyhm moves you and the sound quality touches your ears and gets into your soul. And the sound quality of this CD is really outstanding. This is a real treat. Though it does not fit neatly into any categories (again like much great art), if you like good jazz, Brazilian music, melodic and progressive pop, masterful percussion and composition, World Beat and/or ethnic folk music this album is well worth listening to. --an Amazon reviewer

Airto Moreira CDs, A - Z


Mickey Hart, Airto, & Flora Purim

In the autumn of 1982 and spring of 1983, Mickey Hart teamed up with percussion heavyweight Airto Moreira and his acclaimed vocalist wife, Flora Purim, for largely improvisational performances at the Japan Center Theatre in San Francisco.  Using a large and varied multicultural assortment of percussion instruments as well as woodwinds and bass, and backed up by Jose Lorenzo's Brazilian percussion group, Batucaje, they performed live, without overdub. The thematic core of the performances was to conjure the musical ethnography of an imaginary country, traversing an inner soundscape; the resulting tracks range from infectious Brazilian rhythm celebrations to sinuous sparse vocals to Indonesian gamelan.  Each piece reflects a different piece of the musical "topography" of Dafos, from desert to polar ice floes to subterranean caves.  The original release, on Reference Recordings in 1983, was immediately deemed by audiophiles as one of the finest recordings ever produced. --Rykodisc 


Flora Purim, David Amaro, Hugo Fattoruso,
Jorge Fattoruso, and Ringo Thielmann join Airto
(Japanese import edition)

I heard this recording in the mid seventies and when the track PARANA came on I thought what a perfect piece of music. Not only is the vocal arrangement excellent, so is the rhythm. With his wife Flora and noted session musicians, he conjours up some magic on this a must for everyone as far as I am concerned.--an reviewer



2004 remastered reissue of 1972 album from the most high-profile Latin jazz percussionist of the 1970s. Soloists include George Benson, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Ron Carter, Hubert Laws, Joe Farrell & Airto's wife Flora Purim. Eight tracks including three previously unreleased bonus tracks, 'So Tender', 'Jequie', & 'Creek (Arroio)'. CTI.


Japanese remastered import edition

I'm Fine, How Are You

I'm Fine, How Are You

The Other Side of This

The Other Side Of This
Airto Moreira

When you step into THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS, leave your preconceptions behind -- about Airto as jazz giant, about music as solely entertainment. This is a work like no other in a long and remarkable career, a testimony to Airto's lifelong fascination with the confluence of music and spirit. Airto's belief in the power of music as a medium for physical and spiritual healing began during his earliest formative years. He was born -- in 1941 in Santa Catarina, Brazil -- into a family of itinerant healers. His grandmother was a nomadic spiritual healer who traveled from village to village, treating the sick with herbs and ancient wisdoms. She gave him his first tambourine when he was two years old. His father also treated the afflicted, practicing Kardecism to channel healing techniques from the spirit world. THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS was recorded at the home studio of producer and Grateful Dead percussionist Mickey Hart in 1991. It was the latest of their many collaborative projects over the years, since meeting when Miles Davis opened for the Dead at the Fillmore West in 1970. Airto's percussive genius is featured in a diverse array of musical settings, performing solo, or in combination with the stellar cast of featured musicians assembled at Hart's home. The album's 13 selections, rooted in the Afro-Brazilian traditions of Airto's heritage, take the listener on an aural tour of imaginary landscapes. --Rykodisc

Promises of the Sun

Promises of the Sun

Remastered Reissue of his 1976 Arista Label Release Currently Out of Print in the USA. Airto is Joined by his Wife Flora Purim, the Great Milton Nascimento, Novelli, Raul De Souza and Toninho Horta.

Samba De Flora
Airto Moreira with Flora Purim

Three-Way Mirror
Airto Moreira & Flora Purim, Joe Farrell

This is one of my all time favorite latin jazz albums. It features wonderful vocals from Airto and Flora and of course amazing percussion from Airto. The supporting cast is equally strong with Kei Akagi on piano and the great Joe Farrell on saxophone. Kei Akagi is an amazing piano player who went on to play with Miles Davis. I use to see him with Stanley Turrentine and later saw him do a show with a nice quartet including Rick Margitza. Kei reminds me of Bill Evans or Allan Broadbent combined with McCoy Tyner, a very sweet combination. Of historical significance on this album, it was the last recording of Joe Farrell prior to him death. Joe Shines with his obviously Coltrane influenced soloing. This album is live and well recorded, the real deal. --an Amazon reviewer

Wings of Imagination

Wings Of Imagination
Flora Purim & Airto Moreira
two-CD box set compilation

Would consider Flora Purim a hypnotic vocalist...who like Ella and Sarah have that individual style...her unique approach to a song aluminates in a class by herself...this 2-CD-release is a milestone of adventureous times for Flora and her husband, percussionist Airto Moreira...earthy arrangements by Marcos Silva are haunting and wistful with blends of dreamscape...remember her "Butterfly Dreams," "500 Miles High" and "Encounter" recordings from the '70s...Concord once again offers a must have for the true collector...has classic "Latin jazz" written all over it! --an reviewer

Limited Availability

The Best Of Airto
Airto Moreira compilation

The songs here are pure beauty, and even Airto himself can't deny it: "Tombo in 7/4" is a tune I liked to play at some dorm parties back in an international students housing association, and everybody seemed to like it. "Romance of Death" is another samba tune with exquisite vocal arrangements, and "Lydian Riff" is haunting and middle-easterned; but somehow it was recorded with not too much volume. (Mind note to Sony: A remastered version can pump up the volume on this one, really). The two last songs "Parana" & "O Galho Na Roseira" are live performances at a Deodato Concert. He opened for his country fellow and these two songs were included in a CTI vinyl record called "Deodato/Airto in concert"; now available as an expanded version of the Deodato performance ("Live at the Felt Forum"). Airto's songs were unavailable on CD until 1994, year when this CD was released. --an Amazon reviewer

Airto Videos

Airto And Flora Purim:
The Latin Jazz All-Stars Live At The

Queen Mary Jazz Festival (VHS)

When the sizzling sounds of Brazilian jazz entered the mainstream of American jazz and rock in the sixties, Airto Moreira, the world's foremost percussionist, was the leader. Together with his wife, Flora Purim, one of the most innovative voices in modern jazz, V.I.E.W. VIDEO is proud to present this steamy addition to its popular "Jazz Series." Airto, the brilliantly original percussionists, composer and arranger , is responsible for the resurgence of percussion in jazz and pop music worldwide. And Flora Purim's six-octave range has allowed her to explore areas that have made her the first singer to couple pure sound-singing with a hybrid of Jazz-Latin-Rock fusion. Recorded in Hi-Fi Stereo at the 1985 Queen Mary Jazz Festival, this live concert is a rhythmic, vocal and visual delight... a foot-tapping experience to the sounds of Airto & Flora Purim, truly two of Latin America's Jazziest All-Stars. --VIEW Video

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