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Afro-Brazilian Music

Berimbau Blues

Almost all Brazilian music has its roots in Africa and/or Portugal,
but here are links to our pages featuring music with an especially
pronounced African component.

Brazilian Music
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Mil Verões: Greatest Hits

Axé Music / Bahia
the music of the city of
Salvador and state of Bahia

Grupo De Capoeira Angola Pelourinho

Capoeira CDs
music that accompanies the
Afro-Brazilian martial art

Berimbau Blues

Berimbau CDs: The Afro-Brazilian Musical Bow

Pure Brazil 2: Rio Bahia Carnival

Carnaval CDs

Pontos De Macumba: Afro-Brazilian Religious Songs

Candomblé & Macumba CDs
ritual music for the Afro-Brazilian
religions of candomblé and umbanda

20 Anos


Pure Brazil: Samba Social Club


Pure Brazil: Tribal Bahia - The Best of Timbalada


Batucada Brazileira


Books, DVDs & Videos

Divine Inspiration: From Benin to Bahia

Candomblé Books

Capoeira (Sport in the Global Society, 45)

Capoeira Books

Basic Techniques of Capoeira-D

Capoeira DVDs & Videos


An Introduction To Brazilian Music

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The Brazilian Sound


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