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Chris McGowan has written about Brazilian music for Billboard, Musician, Pulse!, The Beat, The Huffington Post, and other publications and contributed to the Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture. He has been interviewed by the BBC, the New York Times, Air Talk, and various NPR affiliates about Brazilian music and culture. He is also a novelist (as “J.C. McGowan”), a translator, and the author of a history of interactive media, Entertainment in the Cyber Zone (Random House). McGowan has written about the arts, culture, science, and environmental issues for the Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, the L.A. Reader, the L.A. Weekly, and other publications.

Ricardo Pessanha has worked as a Brazilian music consultant for foreign journalists, music producers, and filmmakers, as a music lecturer for academic programs, and as a translator and publicity writer for recording companies in Brazil and the U.S. Pessanha is the co-author of the musical biography Caetano Veloso: L’âme brésilienne, in French. He has also worked as a cultural counselor for the government of Rio de Janeiro State.

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